Freelance work at BBC Wiltshire

A Wiltshire shopping centre was criticised for allowing pest control experts to shoot pigeons on their property. I went to ask customers there how they felt.

As part of BBC Wiltshire’s coverage of the GDP figures released on 25/07/2013, I interviewed the owner of a Swindon café and ice cream parlour.

CUE: We’ll get an official update on how the UK’s economy is doing later this morning.
The GDP figures will tell us how much the country’s total economic output has grown or shrunk during April, May and June.
It’s the main measure of everything produced from cars to food, hairdressing to hospital operations.
So are you feeling like things are on the up, here’s what you told us in Swindon.

BBC Wiltshire – Lee Stone drive time interview with local business [Radio]

The news that the country has avoided a triple dip recession might not be any immediate comfort to struggling businesses,
but here’s one aspirational story about a man who found success despite the economic situation in the country.

Oli Christie worked in Swindon for a number of years before using his expertise to start his own company.

He’s been telling our reporter Sam Howlett about his success.

BBC Wiltshire – Vox Pops for Mark O’Donnell [Radio]

Right now, politicians and economists are watching Swindon very closely. If any town is going to show us the way to handle recession, it’s Swindon. With its history of ambition, innovation and productivity – where it leads, many will follow.

The economic reality is that Swindon is one of the most successful towns in the country – if it wasn’t the UK Space Agency wouldn’t be here – nor Zurich, Honda, WH Smith, Nationwide, BMW…well, we all know the list.

Not that the people who live there necessarily see it that way….