Southampton students join protests in London [Television]

Southampton students took part in a student demonstration in London on Wednesday. The National Union of Students organised the march to voice its concerns about the education system and the competition for graduate jobs. Sam Howlett reports.

Olympic football: The countdown begins

Adapted for Great Britain hasn’t participated in Olympic football for 40 years, the last time Great Britain had any success was 1912. England famously won the world cup on home ground in 1966 and with the Olympics taking part on British soil perhaps this year, football could be coming home once again. Stuart Pearce’s Olympic football: The countdown begins

Saints’ promotion could bring crime to city

Original Article Whilst celebrations continue following back-to-back promotions for the Saints, the return to top flight football will bring both positives and negatives. Southampton FC’s return after relegation and administration has fascinated many fans, and increased business is just one of the benefits of extra interest in the club. However, figures from a Home Office report suggest Saints’ promotion could bring crime to city