Lively at The Lamb

Originally written for the Gazette and Herald

OPENING the night in the front bar was John McDonough, who played a lively set of acoustic covers from the likes of Oasis and The Verve.

Upstairs in the function room was Liveo, who brought rap and acoustic guitar together beautifully, and played a number of their own songs and covers of Plan B.

Jess Branson was well received by all those in attendance, even those who had simply come for an end of week drink and not the music. She sang a heart warming tribute to some friends killed in a car crash on New Year’s Eve, and to finish off her set was joined by guitarist Billy and got the whole crowd going.

Screaming Gypsies, a band from Wroughton, performed their own music on a seven-string guitar and incredible drumming, with cymbals crashing and bass shaking the floor. This act really was a contrast but got a good reception.

To wrap the night up Jon Amor brought on a bit of rock and roll with a strong performance of acoustic magic that got people dancing in what space they could find.