The importance of poppies

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It is that time of year when people wear poppies and remember those who have fought and those who are still fighting for our futures.

Swindon is no stranger to war, with the loss of men in the First and Second World Wars and after feeling the terror of being bombed.

Conflicts past and present are remembered in remembrance services which are always received well by the people of Swindon.

One service attended by members of the Royal British Legion, the services, friends and families takes place at the Wyvern Theatre annually.

The night consists of hymns and prayers to honour not just the fallen soldiers, but to acknowledge those who are currently fighting in conflicts across the globe. Singing along to wartime songs with a brass band playing, it is not just a solemn remembrance but also a celebration of the lives of fallen troops.

This time of remembrance is never under-played or forgotten in Swindon.

It is always important to veterans and military families of Swindon that people from the area can show their pride and respect.