Freelance work at BBC Wiltshire

A Wiltshire shopping centre was criticised for allowing pest control experts to shoot pigeons on their property. I went to ask customers there how they felt. As part of BBC Wiltshire’s coverage of the GDP figures released on 25/07/2013, I interviewed the owner of a Swindon café and ice cream parlour. CUE: We’ll get an Freelance work at BBC Wiltshire

Southampton students join protests in London [Television]

Southampton students took part in a student demonstration in London on Wednesday. The National Union of Students organised the march to voice its concerns about the education system and the competition for graduate jobs. Sam Howlett reports.

Saints’ promotion could bring crime to city

Original Article Whilst celebrations continue following back-to-back promotions for the Saints, the return to top flight football will bring both positives and negatives. Southampton FC’s return after relegation and administration has fascinated many fans, and increased business is just one of the benefits of extra interest in the club. However, figures from a Home Office report suggest Saints’ promotion could bring crime to city

A round of a-paws from animal charity

Original Article A warming story for a cold day – pub landlady, Kathy Bond handed over the £600 she had raised for an animal shelter in Swindon. John Warwick, manager of the sanctuary went in person to collect the generous donation at the Moonrakers pub. The transaction happened in the presence of two residents of A round of a-paws from animal charity

The importance of poppies

Original Article It is that time of year when people wear poppies and remember those who have fought and those who are still fighting for our futures. Swindon is no stranger to war, with the loss of men in the First and Second World Wars and after feeling the terror of being bombed. Conflicts past The importance of poppies